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Art of Saying NO !!

Ever saidyes when you virtuallyprefer to say no? Many of us, including me fall victim to this. My Well wishers Used to Say don’t do all the help or support to everyone which makes my work delay or incomplete. 
For instant me and one of my trainer were getting ready for a training program. We plan to meet at a temple by 9:00 a.m. along with my car. As his home was for away he asked me to pick up at his home. I usually say yes for everything. But after my well wishers advice I was thinking about my situation and environment. I clearly told him that as it was school time the place will be too rush so if I took my car and I was crossing all those school area and reaching his place means we may late to the training program so I just said NO to him and asking to come to the temple itself.
And one more incident., Everyone used to say what we will think that will be happening. It Is really true. I am a proud member of Nikhil Foundation. We had our trainers update once, during that time are director Mr. Soundar nagalingam has given me the same title on the spot as “art of saying no”. and he told me that I am the one who need to improve on this title so prepare for this and present well. As per his wish I did my level best with an activity called as “Yes or No”.

NO : Next Opportunity

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