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Mapusha was a great Leader ??? #The_Lion_King

While watching the movie- The Lion King we all feel that Mapusha was a strong king and yet he was cornered and kill and we feel bad. But on a second look you will see that- He was not that strong. A person is as strong as his weakness. And Mapusha had few… 1.He knew that Scar was a trouble and yet did not pay much attention to it . 2.Nor did he take any action to stop Scar. 3.His intelligence department was not strong. 4.After the first attempt…he should have done investigation on why Simba and Lara did what they did. And hence he paid the price and so did the rest of the kingdom. 

The same thing happens with all of us. Let’s know what we don’t know. It’s our duty to overcome our weaknesses to get succeed.

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