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Which will make you happy ???

Last 6 days we totally were busy in manufacturering a big quantity paper pencil order for Malaysia client.

Even my cousin sister joined with our tamizha team for the completion of the project.

So as she has requested we all went to a movie today. While returning from theatre, near to my grandma home one stranger left his bike key., Unfortunately that key make my bike puncture. That time he was searching for his key. While I was returning the key he was so sad for my bike. I simply smiled at him and told that I will be taking care of it.

Before that he was afraid that I may demand for some money. At last he said thank you to us and he went.

Whenever we are helping others that will make us happy. I always believe helping hands are better than praying lips.

Helping is not only what we do something to others, sometimes it is also which we do nothing to make others happy !!

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