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Are happy birthday and happy birth day both SAME?

I Always try to not to miss anyone’s Bday. At least I will be sending them a greetings as a Message / Call.  I used to send a text that “Congrats for your FIRST CRY”. If they are very close to my heart., I used to either meet or call them to wish., at that day I used to convey my wises in Our Mother Tongue which will make me to love them as like I love TAMIL Language.

As a Entrepreneur, I influence our company Human resource (Designer) to design a Bday Greetings as a Pamphlets for all our clients and we will share it with them. (We love to have good relationship with clients). Today when we created a design for our Client Dr.M.Sivakumar, Tamil Nadu Vice President of ALL INDIA CONSUMERS PROTECTION ORGANISATION, There was a statement in the design that Happy Birth Day. Later His Better half Mrs. S. Shivakami, Educationist and Entrepreneur motivated me to learn more about the difference between Birth Day and Birthday.

The word, birthday, and the words, birth day, are not synonymous. We do not use the words, birth day, to refer toone’s birthday.In fact, we do not use thewords, birth day, at allRather, we use the phrase, day of birth, to refer to the actual day on which a person was born: “The day of birth was Thursday, Dec 28, 1990.” That person’s birthday will be on Dec 28th of each year, but it will not always fall on a Thursday; and it will never be 1990 again.

In common use to wish someone, the right usage is ‘birthday’ as one word. Only “birthday” is correct when referencing the anniversary of the day you were born. The day that you were born is your birth date

birth date is a date on which you were born (e.g. 12.12.1977). It’s normally called date of birth (DOB)
birthday is a celebration of the anniversary of your birth date – it happens every year (e.g. 12.12.)

In my opinion, all the people only have one birth date the whole life long, but everyone has a birthday every year.

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